Getting your yard ready for spring


With spring fast approaching we would like to give you some tips to get your yard ready.  First look around for any damaged or broken branches these should be trimmed back to where the stem is alive.  This is also a great time to do some shrub trimming.  Trim back all evergreens, not only to keep them shaped, but also to promote new growth.  Any spring blooming plants will need to wait until after they have flowered to be trimmed.  Most summer bloomers do not have their buds yet and can be trimmed at this time as well, but be aware what you are trimming as to not ruin any flowers.  Here is a great site to help identify plants and weeds identify that plant.

This is a great time to cut back any perennials you may have missed in the fall.  You also have time to cut back ornamental grasses.  Any perennials that have become over-crowded should be split and replanted in a new area.  If you have any plants you want to transplant get it done while the plants are still dormant and they will thrive in the spring.

Cleaning out your garden beds is an important step in getting your yard prepped.  Dead foliage can cause fungus on your plants.  If your garden edge needs to be redefined to achieve a nice edge between the grass and mulch use a garden spade and then maintain with your weed wacker weekly.  Remove any excess mulch that may have built up over previous years, and apply a pre-emergent to prevent weed growth before it starts.  Put fertilizer down to feed plants and perennials, the spring showers will help water both of these.  Apply mulch to help control weeds, keep beds moist, and it adds nutrients to the soil.

To get your lawn ready for spring it is a good idea to get a soil test done to know what nutrients your grass might be lacking.  Any leaves or debris that has accumulated on the lawn over the winter should be removed as to not kill off the grass.  A good clean up and blowing off of the lawn will take care of this.  If there is any damaged turf remove or ruff those areas up to prepare for seeding once weather warms up.  Make sure you time your seeding and pre-emergent properly. 

If your yard is all stone it is a good idea to clean up leaves, debris, and dead weeds. Once the yard is cleaned up you can assess any areas that may have thinned out.  Get your pre-emergent down to prevent any new germination of weeds.  If you do not use a service for weed control pick up some weed killer to spot spray throughout the season.

Of course if you decide to seek the help of a professional the knowledgeable team at Jersey Shore Pavers is ready to help. We can provide you with all your Landscaping, lawn, and hardscaping needs in Ocean County and Long Beach Island area.