Don’t get stuck in the snow! We offer commercial snow plowing, available to book before a storm.

Commercial Snow Removal New Jersey

Nobody ever worries about the snow until it dumps down on us and we’re trapped inside our homes or outside of our businesses.  At Jersey Shore Pavers, we make snow preparation our number one priority once the winter months start to settle in. Hire us today and receive the best New Jersey snow removal service in town! We make sure you are open for business and clients have access.

Running a business is a challenging endeavor that often pulls you in many different directions. By hiring Jersey Shore Pavers, we can take at least one of those priorities off your plate. Our commercial snow removal services in New Jersey allow your business to operate regardless of the weather. Our team monitors weather reports and comes fully equip to salt your parking lot(s), plow your snow, and keep your business property safe.

  • Reduce legal risk – Hiring a professional to maintain your business lots during storms helps to reduce the risk in one of your customers having a snow or ice “accident” after a major storm.  Jersey Shore Pavers provides a three-step quality assurance process to make sure your property is well-maintained to decrease the possibility of any potential lawsuits.
  • Protect your property – The difference in hiring a professional snow removal contractor and trying to operate your equipment is knowing how to operate the machinery.  Our skilled laborers know how to navigate our snow removal machines safely so that you do not have to worry about ripping up your pavement, breaking your curb, or damaging any structures around your lot.
  • Save money – It sounds contradictory, right?  But after you factor in the cost of equipment, cost of storage, cost of upkeep, and cost of the untrained labor – the costs of plowing and salting your own business adds up quickly.  With our skilled laborers and snow removal experience, we can manage your property in a fraction of the time and spare you all the associated costs of buying, maintaining, and storing a ton of equipment for only a few uses a year.

Commercial snow removal in New Jersey shouldn’t be an afterthought for your business, not with the weather we get. Contact our snow removal experts today and schedule a free consultation to see how our service packages can help make the cold winter months a little more bearable!