Some say that the backyard is the heart of the home.  It’s the place where your family can congregate, the kids can play, and where company can be entertained in a beautiful setting!  At Jersey Shore Pavers, we empower our customers to feature their backyards with as much pride as they would any other room in their house.

Transforming a backyard can be done in any number of ways:

  • Backyard Gardens– Our experienced landscapers can design a custom garden bed for your vegetables, plants, or flowers.  We can build your garden to be the centerpiece of your backyard or one that serves as a compliment to your space.  We have experience building ground-level flower beds, raised flower pads, wooden flower beds, or paver flower beds.
  • Garden Maintenance – The keys to a beautiful garden are time and patience, both of which can be hard to set aside. At Jersey Shore Pavers, we can help take total care of your garden with services including: plantings, re-cut beds, mulch, pruning, weeding, and shrub trimming. We offer one time jobs or monthly maintenance services to help keep your lawn and gardens vibrant.
  • Customized Layouts- Are you dreaming of a certain look for your front beds or backyard but don’t know where to start? Our experienced landscapers can help you design a layout with plants relative to your region so they will flourish with your surroundings and can help you add color to your space with a variety of bushes and flowers.
  • Lawn Care – Are you always on the go or have a hectic work week and just can’t find the time to maintain the health of your lawn? With lawn care as our specialty, our goal is to maintain and develop the growth of your lawn to make a luscious environment that is beautifully manicured. Contact us for more information about our affordable weekly mowing service and lawn care options including seeding, thatching, and aeration.